Transfer to secondary school

St Kew School is part of the Wadebridge schools cluster, and is a feeder school for Wadebridge School.

Transition to secondary school is closely managed, and children take part in a transition week run by their chosen secondary school. This involves them meeting their new classmates, and taking part in lots of fun ice breaking activities, as well as meeting teachers, class buddies and mentors. The school also receives visits from teachers and pupils from the secondary school, and obviously exchanges information regarding attainment and progress from their end of year data with the school to assist in setting of classes.

Throughout their time at St Kew, the staff and volunteers involved in the wider life of the school work hard to expand the children's horizons, and involve them in the wider life of the community. They regularly take part in cluster sports activities, competitions, maths challenges, gifted and talented days and other events that allow them to meet and mix with children from other local schools. We hope this ensures that they are ready for and able to deal with the challenges of moving to a bigger school by the end of their time with us.