Ofsted Report

We are delighted that Ofsted have, once again, classified St Kew as a 'good' school where "pupils are provided with a safe, harmonious learning environment in which pupils thrive".  "They enjoy coming to school and their behaviour is exemplary. Pupils state that bullying is very rare and that staff resolve issues immediately".
Further highlights from the inspector's report are included below, and you can download the full report at the bottom of the page.
  • "Pupils, including children in Reception, enjoy reading. Leaders have structured a reading curriculum that enables pupils to learn to read widely and well. The teaching of phonics is particularly well structured."
  • "In each year group, pupils build upon what they have learned before. Pupils develop more sophisticated understanding of texts as they move through the school. Leaders and teachers work well together to ensure pupils read successfully."
  • "Leaders have designed a very effective mathematics curriculum. In Reception, children gain a strong conceptual understanding of numbers. Throughout each year group, pupils draw on their prior knowledge to help them learn more complex mathematics. Pupils enjoy learning mathematics and achieve well."
  • "Literary texts underpin the entire curriculum. Pupils read a wide range of texts to help them learn about many subjects."
  • "Pupils explore the natural world through gardening in the polytunnels. Additionally, pupils whittle wood and make fire in the Anglo-Saxon roundhouse."
  • "Leaders and staff support pupils with special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND) very well. Pupils with SEND receive effective support."
  • "Disadvantaged pupils achieve well throughout the school. Leaders have identified the barriers to these pupils' social, emotional and academic achievements. They have embedded effective approaches."
  • "Leaders are highly vigilant about the emotional and physical safety of all pupils. Pupils feel well cared for by staff."
If you would like to make an appointment to discuss any aspects of the report, or to arrange a visit to St Kew, please telephone the school office.