Attendance Policy


We encourage good attendance at St Kew School. Whilst we understand that it may be unavoidable from time-to-time, we also recognise that a growing body of research shows that attendance and attainment are closely linked, and even taking your child out of school for short periods can lead to gaps in important parts of their learning. Children who are in school more, do better!



Children who are too ill to come to school or may pass infection to others should not attend. When children are absent from school we ask parents to inform the school office by 9.00am on the first day of absence and to provide a note of explanation on the child’s return to school. We contact parents if we feel their children is to ill to stay at school.


Other absence from school will be authorised if it is for the following reasons:

•  Genuine illness
•  Unavoidable medical/dental appointments (but try to make these after school if possible)
•  Days of religious observance
•  Exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement
•  Seeing a parent who is on leave from the armed forces
•  External examinations
•  When Traveller children go on the road with their parents


Requesting a longer leave of absence:

In exceptional circumstances, the school may authorise, in advance, requests for periods of leave of ten days in total in any year. The request for leave must come from a parent with whom the child normally resides, and must be for the purpose of a family holiday.

If a child then stays away from school for more than the authorised period this must be recorded as unauthorised absence and could be quoted in a prosecution for poor attendance.

The following advice from the Department for Children, Schools and Families states “Schools must remember that they can only approve absence for family holidays if they consider that there are special reasons which warrant the holiday. Holiday prices and the fact that parents have booked a holiday before checking with the school are not special reasons. Absence for a family holiday can result in pupils with poor attendance becoming persistent absentees.”


For more details, please see the DSCF website


To request a leave of absence, please download the form, or ask at the school office.