Admission arrangements

Current Admissions Arrangements

Current admissions arrangements, which adhere to Cornwall Council's policy, apply for this year (2016-17). A copy of the current admissions policy can be found below and in the Policies section of the website.

Admissions Arrangements from 2017

The following proposed admissions arrangement relate to the year 2017-18 onwards. They have been adopted by the governing body following a period of consultation with the community, the Local Authority, the ACE MAT and its legal advisors. 

Starting School
Starting school is a big step. We like to make it as easy and smooth a transition for parents/carers and children alike.
Learning Together
If your child is joining us at the start of their Reception year, it is likely that you will have already visitied the school and met our staff and pupils during our bi-weekly Learning Together sessions. These sessions run on a Wednesday afternoon throughout the summer term, for prospective pupils who may be joining us in the September. Children and their parents and carers enjoy a range of crafts, games and activities in the school hall, before adults are invited to retire for a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst the children join Class 1 for afternoon storytime. We love Learning Together, as it allows us to really get to know the children before they join our school, and allows children to feel at home and get to know their surroundings. 
All children are welcome to join the Learning Together sessions in the summer term prior to them starting school, whether they ultimately decide to attend St Kew or not. 
Home visits
All children that come to St Kew are also offered a home visit in the summer term prior to starting school. This is a great opportunity to see the children in their own setting, and learn a little more about their likes and dislikes, personality and strengths. Mrs Murray (Class 1 teacher and Head of School) and Class 1 teaching assistant usually make this visit. It is also a great opportunity for parents and carers to be able to ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have.