School council

The Purpose of the School Council


  • To act as a voice for all children in the school
  • To benefit the school
  • To benefit all pupils
  • To contribute to decisions within the school
  • To promote democracy

Each Year group has 2 representatives on the School Council who have been voted for by their peers. Please see below for our current School Council Members.


Projects that the School Council are currently working on:

* Choosing charities to support through fund raising events this academic year.

* Recycling initiatives in line with the Trust Charter

* Ensuring all people have access to life's basics -  we know how lucky we are!

Our Constitution:
The St Kew Pupil Voice group will work with the School Leadership to make the school a better place for learning.  Our group is made up of 2 pupils from each year group who are voted for by their classmates. Everyone is equal and all pupils will be listened to.  We have a Chairperson and a Secretary and these are always our Year 6 pupils. Meetings are held twice every half term, approximately 3 weeks apart and on a Friday. We must have 1 rep from each year group to make decisions in a meeting and we will not talk about other pupils, only their ideas. If we would like to use our finances to purchase resources, Mrs Murray will help us to do this.